Feedback from Past Clients

Eddie Bonfigli - Children's Portrait Photographer, Palm Beach County, FL

I LOVE THE PICTURE! How could I not? It is absolutley adorable! I am in love with my boys and very proud of how gorgeous they both are.
The capture of J is awesome. AND do I even need to say anything about my B???

Thanks you so much! You are the best!

Merry Christmas!

Love you! XXXOOO -

Hi Eddie
I have to tell you that the photos are amazing.
I have given them to Lisa [our framer] to be framed. And when I looked at them they brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you for creating such fantastic memories for me that will last forever.
I will cherish those photographs as well as all of your others forever.
Thank You


Hi Eddie!

I raced home to view the portraits you took of the girls...BREATHLESS!!!
Thank you so much! I am extremely pleased! You are an extremely talented photographer, and you have captured my children in such a wonderful way.
I am so pleased to have had you create such beautiful images of my girls...ones that will always be so very dear to me for a lifetime!

Very fondly yours,


This is M.S. calling on Friday afternoon. I just picked up the proof book and I just wanted to tell you they're just beautiful. I'm really pleased - you just did a fabulous job.
It's gonna be hard deciding because they're all good and I'm really excited and wanted to thank you.
And it'll be so nice to have the pictures to take to Miami this weekend and show J. we can all decide which ones we like best.
They're beautiful and I just wanted to thank you!

Hi Eddie, this is K.H. I've gotten so many calls on my card! I put one in the mail to you.
People have been calling from all over and saying "Oh my gosh, I love that picture!" I just wanted to share that with you.

Hi Eddie, this is K.H. - I've just got my daughter's portfolio. It. is. absolutely. beautiful.
Gonna have a hard time making up my mind on which ones. I'm thrilled. Thank you.

Fabulous work! You capture the moment, bringing the individual elements of every subject to every frame.
Every picture is truly unique and lovely to view. You are an artist in every since of the word! What a joy to admire this kind of beauty!
I just wish I was located closer to you so my families personality could be captured by your camera!

Keep up this awesome skill, it is inspiring.



Not so sure you'll want to post this on your site...but, I too am a professional photographer and your work is absolutely incredible!! true works of art. I have one thing to say... CHARGE MORE!!! Your session fee is right in line with the work you do, but an 8x10 for [what you charge]....I live in a rural West Virginia town and get $99 for an your area with that awesome work $150 for an 8x10 would be cheap!
Anyway, love your stuff! Keep it up!
Peace, Cindy

Hi Eddie,
I just had to send a quick mail to say how much I adore the pictures you
did! They are just so beautiful - even more than I could have imagined! They
are exactly what I had in mind and I absolutely love them! You really
captured Lily!
--S.R., Delray Beach, FL

I'm a freelance photographer, and I absolutely love portraits. I photograph with a lot of passion, and when I see a portrait, I know exactly what I'm looking for. Not everyone can achieve "IT" in a portait -- "IT" may be the twist of the head, a strand of hair, or the expression of the eyes -- it's not easy to come by. In yours, however, "IT" most assuredly comes through. These are truly some of the greatest child portraits I've ever seen, and I wish you all the best. Everybody should get an opportunity to see portraits like these. They make you change the way you feel -- and that is exactly what a portrait should do. It should quiet you down once you see the eyes and "meet" the spirit through the photograph. Every time I feel I just can't get to the place I want to be professionally, I stumble on beautiful work like this and gain renewed enthusiasm. After seeing your work, I'm going to keep on striving for the kind of work I just saw. Thank you so much for this wonderful website.
-- M.A., via internet

Eddie - Congratulations to the winner of the "kids crown
I concur. Your portraits are remarkable. Time after time you capture the
beauty and innocence of every child. They bring a feeling of calm to the
I LOVE the photographs of my children. Do you have time in the next 3 weeks
to shoot more?????????? -- M.M. North Palm Beach, FL
p.s You should think about doing a book.

 I am so stunned by the beautiful photographs on your website. It is truly
spectacular how you capture children just being themselves....I want to
touch their hair and feel their soft little hands..... they say that true happiness is found
when you "do what you are," and you clearly do just that!
Wishing you continued success,
M.T., West Chester, PA

Hi Eddie,
I am totally speechless. You are a Master! The 8 x 10 photo of [my daughter] and myself is breathtaking! I can't stop looking at it... it is a beautiful work of art. It's perfect and you seemed to capture just what I was hoping for. How did you do that?
I am so happy to have something so precious that will be cherished forever.
Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!!!
I'll try to get the order out this week sometime. Will let you know when I'm ready.
From one of your biggest fans,
K.C., Delray Beach, FL


All of the photos are just beautiful! Choosing the photos to buy was the most difficult
decision I have made in a long time! Thank you for the amazing pictures and your patience. W.W., Juno Isles, FL

Hi Mr. Bonfigli,

Just a note to say that your portraits are some of the best I've seen. I was especially encouraged by the fact that you are self-taught. Clearly, your artistry comes from within.

On a more technical note, the tones in your photos are absolutely perfect -- your images are so luminous! I would love to know how each and every one of your portraits was created, but I'll just stick to asking what format you prefer? I ask because they remind me of the quality of Sally Mann's portraits...and I know she sticks with 8x10.

Thanks so much for sharing your work -- it is truly inspiring!

K. A. (photographer -- Springfield, IL)

Hi Eddie,

Well, we survived the ride. Home sweet home!

I can't thank you enough for that wonderful and fun photo session. My kids loved it, and were quite taken by you too. It's quite telling that you have a knack for kids - especially when [my son] exclaimed "I like that guy!" not one minute after meeting you.

I cannot wait to see the results... ...feel free to call to discuss mailing/etc. or e-mail, of course. It really was a pleasure meeting you! -- P.L., West Virginia.
Fast-forward...a couple of weeks later...
Weeeeell, Fed-Ex managed to trudge through the whopping three inches of snow to deliver the goods! After a rough morning sledding, we were so excited to sit in the warmth and fondly recall the more friendly temperatures of Del Ray Beach.

Oh Eddie, what am I going to do? I have been poring over these photos and am just thrilled with the results. I get so excited when I come across a photo that has a weird expression on one of the kids because that's the only way I'll be able to select photos - process of elimination!!!

As expected, your work is stunning - and that's just the proofs. Now I've got some serious work to do to determine what to order. Wish me luck!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for capturing my family so beautifully.

You are truly awesome! (I noticed I used way too many exclamation points, but I couldn't edit those down either - too excited!!!!!!) -- P.L., WV.

Eddie - What can I say? The pictures are as amazing as I thought they would be.
How do you do it? You really managed to capture his [my son's] devilish charm.
And you managed to capture many of my favorite expressions too. We are
struggling with which ones to choose as they are all so fabulous. We may
need a few more days with them as my parents are coming in and I know they
will want some too! Thank you - you are really a gifted artist -

--Regards, M.F., Boca Raton, FL

 Mr. Bonfigli,
If I may say, you do amazing work! After getting married and having a child, I neglected photography for 3 years. I now ache for it and am seeking advice and help to start over. I have always done very well in landscape photography, but seek to understand how to capture people the way you have. ... Your work just reflects a great understanding of each child as if they were your own. ... Keep up the beautiful and inspiring work and God Bless, -- J.B., TX

 Dear Eddie,
Oh my goodness...where would I even begin to tell you only what you have been told over the years about your work. Without making this email into a ten chapter book please allow me to just say that God has truly blessed your eyes and your hands and your heart, because it takes a soothed soul to capture such images as yours. I have a four year old daughter and a nineteen month old son and oh how I wish I had known about you sooner..I live in SC and I would have driven to you in a heartbeat to have their portraits taken..not that it's too late but I would have given anything to have those "baby only" moments with those "baby" bodies. ... Thank you so much, -- L.S., SC.

You need a fan club. I feel like a groupie, but I can't stand it, I must
write. Your work makes me want to cry. It stops me in my tracks, so
that I don't realize for a minute that I'm staring with my mouth open.
You get such an emotional response. I'm the lady who suggested you write
a book. Still wish you would. Maybe we'll get you in the Houston area
some day. My friends and I would love for you to capture our kids and us
with them (mom/baby moments). We have "beaches." If you EVER come out
here, PLEASE let us know, you've got my email now. -- K., TX

Eddie, We absolutely love the proofbook! It's terrific -- hats off, you did another
fabulous job for us! Hopefully we'll make it an annual thing. I'll be in touch! --J.E., Saratoga, N.Y.
Eddie, I just wanted to say thank you. We got the proofs -- they are incredible, they are so
phenomenal, they're great! I think we've got it down to 3 choices for the xmas
picture. The kids loved them! I keep telling everybody that there's
nobody up here like you! -- D.B., Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Eddie: Enclosed please find my check for today's photo session.
Thanks again for spending so much time with me and my family. You are always
so patient! I can't wait to see how the pictures come out! -- K.G., Palm Beach Gardens, FL.
Hello Eddie! First and foremost, I wanted to tell you what beautiful pictures you take. They are gorgeous!!!
In addition, I wanted to thank you for taking such beautiful pictures of my [son]. These
pictures will be treasured for many, many years!!! --C.S., Jupiter, FL.

Eddie, I received the pictures today...and they're fabulous! I just got home from work and looked through
them and I'm so pleased. I just wanted you to know how excited I am about them. I think they're awesome.
Now the true challenge is picking out the ones I want...that's a good problem to have I know! --S.B. Atlanta, GA

You have photographed our daughter every year since she was 18 months old, she
just celebrated her 10th birthday. These pictures are among my most cherished
possessions. No one can capture her personality like you have.
When a hurricane threatened several years ago I thought about
what I would take if we had to leave suddenly.
Your photos were #1 on my list.
You have a very special gift!
Sincerely, A.K. Jupiter, FL
Eddie, I got the pictures today...they are awesome! I'm just so happy...they are so good...
I like every single one of them...everyone says how wonderful they are...
you did an incredible job as usual. I just wanted to thank you!
A.W. Jupiter, FL
Hello Eddie.
I looked up your website so that I could refer you to someone else, and again I am awestruck by your work. (Is it fair to call it work when you seem to relish it so completely? Yes, I know it is hard work, with ample rewards.)
After viewing the photos, I enjoyed reading the comments. Then, surprise! My note from 1999. I find myself smiling with a tear in my eye. How kind of you to include that. Light and hope. And magic moments.
You recently had a photo shoot with my sister in law...I saw the proofs of [my niece and nephew] and they are beautiful. I'm not sure if [my sister] mentioned it, but I have yet another new baby!
I'm saving all of my cash gifts toward his one year old photo shoot with you!! I am earnestly hoping and praying that after this child, I will avoid the "dark cave" phase of post part em.
No matter who walks into my house, he or she manages to see past the clutter and look directly at the portraits of the children. They are the single favorite thing of everyone who visits.
I feel so fortunate to have found you by calling .... and looking for someone who would take black and white pictures of my one year old. That was almost ten years ago for [my son]...
Godspeed again, and I'll contact you next spring for [my son's] shoot.
D.P., Palm Beach County, Florida

Thanks, Eddie, for your artistic eye and skill!
These photos are true treasures in our family! K.S. Jupiter, FL.

Eddie, Came upon your site today. Your work is truly a piece of art. I 'm
a entry level photographer and find that children are the most enjoyable
part of the business. They have such a zest for life and curiosity, that as
adults we can lose. If a mother says that you have capture their child, it
is the most meaningful compliment. Keep up the good work, and God Bless the
children. P.R. Iowa

Eddie, I'm so pleased with the way you captured my children.
Please call me to schedule our family! --M.M. Florida.
Dear Eddie, The images of my daughters took my breath away. Your amazing
talent, patience and kindness brought out the best in all of us during their
shoot. Thank you for capturing my girls beauty in the unique way only you
can do. You are a very special person and I am very grateful.
Warm Regards, C.K. --Florida

I spend hours pouring over other photographer's web sites studying
lighting, composition, prop selection, etc... Your site is one of two that I saved in my "Favorite Places" folder.
And I've looked at 100's of sites in all 50 states. I really love your work... --S.S., AOL

Aloha, Eddie...I have just discovered your site ...what magnificent, soulful work! Your love for children is
so apparent in your photographs! Ah, if we could all be so talented.
All The Best,
L.C. --Honolulu, HI

I know that I've said it before but I'll say it again... your stuff is awesome....
I've looked at other children's photography but its your work that moves me.
If imitation is considered a form of flattery, consider yourself flattered...
I just hope I can someday create half of the magic you do. --B., Photographer, AOL.
Eddie, I was really moved by your photography of children. Your work has such a
beautiful tenderness. I suspect that you also have a lot of respect for
children because it seems to me that you try to photograph them as they
are, without projecting adult conceptions onto them, i.e., no cutesie,
annoying props, just children in their own beauty.
BTW, we share a love of Vermont. I live about 4 hours away and have
spent some time there.
--D.W., Canada
Hi Eddie, I just wanted to say thanks. Your site was so helpful. your work
was like looking into my soul. I take the same type photos as you (just not
as good). You have inspired me to go forward with my skills. I appreciate
you sharing your talents and wisdom for anyone interested. your site is by
far the best I've seen. ...D.R., AOL

I'd like to discuss doing portraits of my 2 children and 6
cousins- all together. One cousin lives out of town so we wanted to take
them on either Wednesday, Nov. 23 or Friday, Nov.25. Early in the morning
(9am) would probably work out best. The ages range from 4 to 1. I know a lot of families that
you have photographed - you're great!
I am looking forward to hearing from you. -- W.M., Palm Beaches
I think that your photos are beautiful. I was sad when I had reached the
end. I am a photographer who has just realized her passion, and I hope that
in time my photos will reflect the wonderful emotions of children and life
like yours do. Thanks. --H. AOL.

Hello Eddie,
I am new to your website and am so excited that I
found it. The photography is just beautiful.
Children being children. I shy away from that
stiff studio portraiture with all those silly
props. Ok, I have to run for now my son is waking up
from his nap. I think you are an amazing photographer ...
Your website has been very enlightening. --D., WA.
I'm so glad I found this page--your work is incredible! I went through the
pages several times just to see your artistic eye and what the children end
up sitting on, doing, etc. If you weren't so far away I'd have you
photograph my children. You have a way of capturing the tenderness of the
child. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE IT! --CJT, aol.

WOW Great stuff!
I am also a photographer, up here in Canada.
I am sending your URL to all the people I have had to convince that that
big cheesy smile they insist their kids do, doesn't always make the best
keep up the great work.
--I.M., Canada
Eddie, We got our proof book from you today. We were just thrilled!
Absolutely thrilled! I am so excited -- can't wait for my husband to see
them and for our relatives to see them. I wanted to thank you!
--K.D. Palm Beaches, Florida
Eddie....I always enjoy stopping by your site......I've been in the
industry for almost 50 years and I appreciate your warm style.....Its easy to
tell that the kids enjoy being photographed and they can tell that you really
enjoy photographing them....I see so many "static" shots where you know that
the photographer doesn't feel what he is doing....You should be proud of what
you are producing....Thanks"--D.@AOL
Eddie: ...your work is beautiful! I work with a lot of photographers in my
retouching and handcoloring business, but when I saw your work , I wished I
was in your area so that you could photograph my children! You seem to
capture the personalities and the "vibes" really well.
Eddie, Just caught a glimpse of some of your images.
Wonderful!! I love photographing children also, and do a lot of work at my daughters school.
Would love to talk with you about photography. Thanks, Tom B.--AOL.
Eddie-- I am just beginning to get into serious photography.
If I EVER do about 1/10th as well as your photos it would be quite an accomplishment. They're beautiful! :-)
--Beth. CA, USA
Awesome! I'm inspired. I love your work!
greenville, SC
Hi Eddie,
First a BIG THANKS for the picture of [my son]. I sent it to the National
Autism Research Institute in San Diego yesterday. Hopefully it will make it in
for the Washington DC display.
I was just spending some time on your web site. You do such beautiful work!

P.S. Good to know about Vermont. We go to Waitsfield/Warren every summer for
a couple of weeks. I would love to get the boys when they're a little older
on a covered bridge and at this little swimming hole/falls on the way to
Warren. Will you be at the Warren parade over the 4th? --J.P. Florida

Eddie: ...truly appreciate the photos. My thought after going through the proof book
the first time was.....what fun we had! You captured the boys' relationship.
Not to mention their wonderful unique personalities. My son remembers the day
at the beach with "Eddie" fondly. You have left an impression and that is a
wonderful thing for a child. thanks again. I will be in touch soon.
Be well,
J.G. Florida

Your work is beautiful! You really seem to capture the personalities and the
spirit of the children you photograph.
--D.S., AOL.
I would just like to say JOB WELL DONE! Your portraits are wonderful.
They brought a smile to my face. I have been a family photographer for 3 years now working on the road.
My husband's family owned a nationwide portrait studio for 40 years.
Keep up the good work.
--J.A., internet

when i went to your site i was blown away...these pictures are truly splendid works of art!
keep up the good work!
mb, Burlington VT

I just picked up my proof book today...I can't believe how awesome these pictures are. They are just incredible.
You do such good work. Thanks again!
--A.K., FL
Hey, Eddie,
Just visited your web site. Really like your work, especially the kids and moms.
The intimacy of those images really seems enhanced by b&w (which I'm partial to anyway).
--L.J., CompuServe
Beautiful Beautiful work!!!
A colleague of mine (photographer) referred your site to me.
I just had to send you a note!

Eddie, visited your website. You do really beautiful portraits of children. --D.G., CompuServe
"Eddie: I really enjoy seeing the new images. As with the previous ones I've seen,
they are all beautiful. I particularly love the one of the young girl
walking on the sand with her dress blowing in the wind. Incredible! You
really have an amazing talent for capturing such innocence and beauty in
a relaxed and natural way."--L.M. Ontario, Canada

The following note I received with the mom's print order. At the time, she felt that she was going
through a tough time with the pressures and expectations of family life.
The session included photographing the mom along with her
children closely nestled around her. --Eddie.

Hey Eddie B.
The site looks great. Very nice to be able to see what other people
think... and you let us in on some to the tricks of the trade... the
photos are great, makes me want to have kids... I surely would have them
photographed by you!!!

Eddie...I just saw your kids are a wonderful photog! I
was wondering if you ever do any "coaching" to other photogs. I really like
your style and it's similar to what I envision. Let me know. I understand
that you are very busy but any advice you could offer would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks. --L.M., Ma.
Dear L.M.: One of the things I really love about this craft is that there are so
many people out there who are really eager to explore photography in general; portraiture in particular.
Yes, I am glad to offer any tips or information that might help. (Please ask me about a site I've set up for photogs.)
If your favorite subjects are kids, then all the better! Hope to hear from you and
others who share your intense interest in photography.

Hey Eddie,
What is your set up for your beach shots and other
environmental portraits--cameras, reflectors, strobes, etc? ...appreciate
your work and find it very refreshing. A very at ease look to all your
portraits of children....fine work. --G. Florida
After lots of experimenting with different ways of working outdoors with children, I have
landed on a very simple method which I now find invaluable due to the active quality of kids: First, I bring
to a session Nikon F-100's with 50mm and 85mm lenses, as I have found larger camera equipment too slow and inflexible.
I use no reflectors and no flash; however, I always make sure that there is open sky in front of the subjects.
If I can't find a shady area in which to shoot, I see that the sun is always in back of the child; this
keeps the faces evenly lit, highlights the hair and shoulders, and also prevents them
from squinting too much. In a nutshell, my biggest
aim (technically speaking) during an environmental portrait session is to keep
direct sunlight off of the subject's faces. --Eddie.

Hi Eddie,
I really Love your Portraits, they are so beautiful I can't stop looking at
them. Do you use any kind of filters when you are outside? Thanks for your help. Happy Holidays

I am a firm believer in no filters. I have in the past experimented
with them, but found that they only served to complicate things for me.
I love to be out shooting with just a camera, lens and film. I leave the
filters for experiments with non people related subject matter.
ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I "happened" upon your site by accident but I can
guarantee I'll be back again! I aspire to be a professional children's
portraiture photographer but am having difficulty finding classes. What do
you recommend for someone who is already working in another field and
unfortunately not in a location with a university that offers a Photography
LL, St. Louis
LL, Years ago I was in a similar situation. What I did was keep shooting
tons of film, experimenting, editing, trying different approaches to portraiture. Make sure that you
keep building on your portfolio of best work. Show it around to all who will look. Do shoots for friends and family
till you think your book reflects work you are proud of. Once people start hearing about you the word will spread quickly.
Getting a website can really help things along, as you can refer potential customers
to it with out carrying a book around. Above all, keep shooting--your greatest
advances will occur outside of a classroom. :-) --Eddie.

hi eddie! wow! i am a children's portrait photographer in Iowa, and just found your website.
i absolutely love your images!!! do you send any mailings out? do a newsletter?
i would love to be on your mailing list. your work is beautiful.
--L.N. Iowa
L, at this time I do not put out a newsletter. But I think it is an excellent idea--something my customers would probably enjoy.
I do send out mailings consisting of one image on a postcard along with my website address.
I am optimistic about the power of the website in letting the word out about my
work--so most of my mailings will aim at announcing my web address
to all who are interested. An email based newsletter is a
definite possibility--I'll put you on my mailing list!

"I checked out your site and it is true to the E.B. style.
I love your work. Next summer I would like you to photograph my kids.
My daughter is 4 1/2 and my son just turned one." --J.M. Photographer, Florida
''I love your images ... there's something very special in those expressions
... the simplicity of style ... it all works together beautifully.''--D. Kansas

"Are you using available light in your studio portraiture?'' A.P. Illinois
When doing indoor "studio" sessions, I use a 36"x48" softbox.
Only one light is used so that I can better approximate the effect of available light.
A reflector is used to open up shadows on the far side of the subject; however, this reflector
is used sparingly, as too much can detract from the softbox's great ability to create attractive
modeling effects on the subject. Where lighting is concerned, my aim in the studio
is to achieve effects similar to that of indirect sunlight.

Just happened upon your site. I enjoyed the layout and your photos are
Thanks. M.@AOL

Eddie Bonfigli - Children's Portrait Photographer, Palm Beach County, FL